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Local SHRM Foundation News

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    The 2009 Results are in for the SHRM Foundation Campaign!!

    Alabama was #1 in State Council Gifts at $9,250

    Alabama was #5 in Overall Giving (Chapters, State Council, and Individual

    Gifts) at $31,154

    Mobile SHRM was #10 in Chapter Gifts at $3,812

    Tennessee Valley SHRM was #9 in Gift Size divided by number of Chapter

    Members at $22.73

    Alabama was #7 in State Councils increasing their giving over the 2008


    Way to Go Alabama !!

    Thank you and your Chapters for all you did for the SHRM Foundation in

    2009. I am looking forward to another great campaign for Alabama in 2010.

    Reminder - Please send your 2010 Pledge Form and Chapter Gift to my

    attention at 8240 Lochwood Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117 by October 31,


    SHRM Foundation Completes Successful 2009 Annual Campaign

    By Laurie Perry, Development Manager

    The SHRM Foundation is very pleased to announce that we reached—and

    exceeded—our fundraising goals in our 2009 Annual Campaign. With your

    outstanding support, we raised a record-high $745,949 from SHRM chapters,

    state councils, corporations and individuals. This money funds educational

    resources, reports, scholarships and academic research grants that advance

    the knowledge base of the HR profession. In a year that saw the stock

    market bouncing up and down, shaky consumer confidence, and flat personal

    income, this level of fundraising success is truly a remarkable

    accomplishment—thank you!

    We are truly grateful for the ongoing financial support we receive from

    SHRM chapters and state councils. Your efforts on behalf of the SHRM

    Foundation truly make a difference. Chapters and state councils have

    maintained their strong levels of support, contributing nearly $462,000

    (62% of the Annual Campaign total). More than 180 chapters (about one-third

    of all participating SHRM chapters) increased their donations over 2008

    levels, including 40 who increased their donations by $500 or more; in

    addition, 25 state councils increased their donations!

    The Foundation’s “Honor Roll” brochure, which lists all donors and

    highlights our programmatic accomplishments, will be released this spring.

    In the meantime, here are a few “All-Star” highlights:

    Top 10 States (overall giving = chapters + state council + individuals)

    Florida                             $51,159

    Kentucky                         $40,012

    North Carolina                  $38,108

    Virginia                            $37,323

    Alabama                          $31,154

    New York                         $29,677

    Texas                              $28,416

    New Jersey $24,506

    Arizona                            $22,665

    Michigan $20,129

    Top 10 Chapters (giving from the chapter)

    Raleigh-Wake HRMA (NC) $11,393

    HR Tampa (FL) $7,700

    Bluegrass SHRM (KY) $6,391

    Tri-County SHRM (KY) $6,356

    Louisville SHRM (KY) $5,000

    SHRM-Long Island Chapter (NY)                   $4,112

    HR Collier (FL) $4,032

    Triangle SHRM (NC) $4,017

    Dallas HRMA (TX) $3,930

    Mobile SHRM (AL) $3,812

    Top 10 Chapters (increased giving over 2008 donation)

    Triangle SHRM (NC)

    Raleigh-Wake HRMA (NC)

    SHRM-Topeka (KS)

    Columbia Basin (WA)

    Apple Valley HRA (WA)

    Greater Cincinnati (OH)

    SMA of Greater Phoenix (AZ)

    Lake Sumter SHRM (FL)

    Greater Ann Arbor SHRM (MI)

    Imperial Calcasieu (LA)

    Top 10 Chapters (chapter gift divided by number of chapter members)

    Central Arizona HRMA (AZ) $40.00

    Montgomery County SHRM (TX) $33.31

    Senior HR Executive Council (AZ) $26.67

    Apple Valley HRA (WA)                                $25.35

    HR Collier (FL)                                            $24.74

    Lake Sumter SHRM (FL)                              $24.33

    Foothills of Georgia (GA)                             $24.23

    Bluegrass SHRM (KY) $23.41

    Tennessee Valley Chapter SHRM (AL) $22.73

    Rowan County HRA (NC)                             $22.68

    Top 10 State Councils (giving from the state council)

    Alabama SHRM State Council $9,250

    Garden State Council SHRM $9,134

    Arizona SHRM State Council                        $8,975

    HR Florida                                                 $8,345

    Maryland SHRM State Council $6,500

    Oklahoma SHRM State Council $6,230

    North Carolina SHRM State Council               $5,215

    Kansas SHRM State Council $5,139

    Arkansas SHRM State Council $5,041

    Kentucky SHRM State Council $4,858

    Top 10 State Councils (increased giving over 2008 donation)

    Maryland SHRM State Council

    Utah SHRM State Council

    Colorado SHRM State Council

    Arkansas SHRM State Council

    Illinois SHRM State Council

    Minnesota SHRM State Council

    Alabama SHRM State Council

    Texas SHRM State Council

    New Hampshire SHRM State Council

    Garden State Council SHRM

    Thank you again for your support of the SHRM Foundation! Our 2010 Annual

    Campaign is now underway with a goal of raising $745,000 again this year.

    Please see for more information about our programs

    and to learn how you can help support our activities again this year.